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Dr. Virginia Vetrano

Dr. Gregory Haag

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The ROYLŪ Retreat

Nestled on a crystal clear river in the Texas Hill Country away from the noise, smog and maddening crowds, ROYLŪ provides a peaceful, restful, relaxing and rejuvenating health center. Drenched in sunshine and warmed by gentle southern breezes, one can simply lie back and enjoy the serenity of Southwest nature in full bloom.
This is a marvelous place, situated on a 1000 acre ranch with horses and wild-life, where you can fast, rest or just come for a great vacation.

Note that he Royl Retreat now also has a new location on the SE outskirts of San Antonio, Texas - in La Vernia.

Drs. Haag and Vetrano
Dr. Virginia Vetrano, Drs. Greg and Tosca Haag 2001
  Gregory and Tosca Haag both graduated from medical school in 1984 after already having worked with Dr. Herbert Shelton and Dr. Virginia Vetrano.
Greg and Tosca's combined experience equals to almost 50 years of helping people learn to live healthier and happier lives.

Education, not medication is the answer.

Costs of Health Care have been growing faster than the rate of inflation.

Aware citizens ask: What effects are gained at what costs? Is all this medical care needed? Couldn't people stay healthier?
The ROYL retreat is situated on a hilltop

Deer near the ROYL retreat.
The most effective intervention for any unwanted condition is prevention. Chronic diseases are associated with "risk factors."
If a person reduces the level of risk, there will be less chance of a chronic disease occurring.

ROYLŪ Offers:
  • Supervised Fasting, Juicing, and Monotropic Diet Plans
  • Raw-Food meals served in proper combinations
  • Lectures and Round Table Discussions
  • Supervised Weight Reduction
  • Corrective Exercises, daily walks, and sunbathing
  • Reinforcement and support
  • bed
    Bedroom with a view

    Greg Haag
    Motivation, determination, reinforcement and supportive environment.
      How Do I Begin?
    Begin with a small step beyond what you have done in the past!
    A series of integrated, carefully planned sessions provide a multi-faceted approach to learning to practice a new healthful lifestyle at ROYLŪ.
    The client is guided back to good health by providing the conditions essential to the efficient operations of the body's own forces, allowing it time for recuperation, rest and repair.

    Who Benefits When People Are Healthier?

    People feel better, look better, act better, and are better to get along with - when they take the responsibility of understanding themselves, their own health risks, and the actions they can take toward healthful living.

    Rest, recuperate, fast and eat,
    At "The Rest Of Your Life Health Retreat,"
    With fruits and veggies your best meat.
    You will know we're hard to beat!

    Tosca Haag
    Wonderful Texas fruits and vegetables

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    Rest Of Your Life Health Retreat

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    Vegetarian Natural Hygiene - science of health
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