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Items by Dr. Virginia Vetrano currently available

Dealing with Chronic Disease in a Sure and Natural Way $7.95   A 45 minute taped lecture explaining chronic diseases and how they can be checked through fasting followed by a Natural Hygienic lifestyle.

Self Healing Powers of the Body $7.95   A 45 minute taped lecture revealing the marvelous natural ability the body has to heal itself when given a chance.

Genuine Fruitarianism $8.95   A 45 minute taped lecture delineating exactly what a fruitarian diet consists of how nuts and seeds are part of the fruitarian diet and exactly why they are needed by the body on a regular basis to prevent deficiencies.

Genuine Fruitarianism Book $8.95 or Free with the purchase of any other item.   The complete transcript of the taped lecture. This is important to have in order to better understand the words, see how they are spelled, in order to look them up for better understanding

High Energy Foods & Practices $8.95   A wonderful taped lecture explaining how foods and exercises bestow energy to the body and why certain foods deplete energy. This tape divulges how eating and exercising in certain ways helps to improve and maintain health for virtually a lifetime.

Vim, Vigor & Vitality $19.95   3-tape series. An excellent dissertation on how to achieve vim, vigor and vitality from a depleted state of health, and then, ultimately how to maintain that same state of vitality throughout your life, even when there are circumstances that would bring down the best of us.

Errors in Hygiene?
$19.95   A complete explanation of how people devolve into disease through wrong thinking processes, not because of following Hygienic principles. This includes a thorough dissection of T. C. Fry's lifestyle from a very young age through his early and unexpected demise, pointing out his interpretation of Hygiene without having a firm knowledge of physiology and pathology to back it up.

Errors in Hygiene

Items Available by Dr. Gregory Haag

What is Natural Hygiene/Toxemia Explained $7.95   One tape, two lectures, explaining just exactly what is meant by Natural Hygiene and what to expect when adopting a Hygienic lifestyle. The other explains how toxins are accumulated in the body and what you can do to cease the accumulation.

7 Big Hygienic Elements $7.95   An audio taped lecture that lists the seven main components of a Hygienic lifestyle and why each one of them is important, but not more important than the next, and how they must all blend together in your life in order for you to build good health.

Stimulants Do nothing, Do Something
$7.95   Two taped lectures, one explaining the ups and downs of stimulants, and how they wreck havoc on the human body. The other, Do Nothing Do Something shows how a sick person can do nothing with intelligence for his illness and still be doing something that will help him help his body overcome the disease.

Health is a Biological Process/Strangulation $7.95   This audio tape explains to the listener that health, not disease, is a normal state of the human body. Strangulation explains that disease is similar to being strangulated. By not providing the elements of health, one in turn puts a noose around each and every cell of his body.

Health is a Biological Process/Keep Your Mouth Shut $7.95   (A different lecture from the same title above.) These two taped lectures put a twist on the processes of health and why one must keep his mouth shut when he is trying to achieve health.

Trim Down Feel Good Program $10.00   A booklet including rules for eating to lose and maintain weight and good health, with breakfast, lunch and dinner meal plans and some transitional recipes for the neophyte Natural Hygienist.

Quick Weight Loss Boost
$8.00   Like a "booster shot, this 14 day quick weight loss plan provides eight simple rules to live by in order to enjoy life more, as well as furnishing the means of losing 6 to 12 pounds in two weeks. A great "booster booklet!"

Food Combining Made Easier! $5.95   Newest food combining chart on the market. Designed and created by Dr. Tosca in response to demand for an easier to understand food combining guide. Lovely laminated place mat with only four food combining rules.

Quick Weight Loss & Health Boost Handbook$12.95   We put this project together because we know for various reasons people can't always take a health-promoting, cleansing fast. Yet, you know you need some help — a boost or some kind of starting or re-starting point. Includes a 14 day eating plan (with other helpful tips) that will boost your ability to lose weight, straighten out hurtful eating habits, and get you back on the path of feeling good about yourself. (Newly published)

Quick Weight Loss




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