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Dr. Vetrano's Health Information Service

It is very wise when Health Seekers desire a genuine recovery of health, instead of merely the suppression of symptoms by medications. My Health Information Service via the telephone can help you because the body heals itself, providing you supply conditions for recovery. I can teach you how to supply the correct conditions so that your body heals spontaneously, almost like magic.

Dr. Vetrano
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  If you are one of those who really desire superb genuine health, complete the Health Questionnaire (that I will send you) and return it to me with your full length snap shots in shorts or swim suit. Use extra paper if necessary to complete the Questionnaire with as much detail and as accurately as possible. With a thorough case history, I can help you achieve superior health in the shortest time possible.

If you desire that I answer only a few questions, please let me know this in the beginning and we shall terminate the consultation when you desire. I will try to give you as much time as you need, or as little time as you want. With your questionnaire, please send a deposit sufficient to cover the length of time you desire to speak with me.
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  For those who are in a crisis, the initial consultation usually runs about one hour. Complicated conditions require more time. It is not wise to try to rush through a consultation and have us miss some important factor that may be the key to your well-being. The initial consultation consists of an analysis of your life style, ascertaining your present problem, explaining the pathology of your problem, then, designing a program specifically for you which will encourage your body to speedily heal itself.
Once your health is improving, the consultations should not need to exceed ten minutes for me to update and adjust your care to your current and improved condition.

I am very thorough, and I do my best to cover every aspect of your life that has a bearing on your present condition. I don't waste your or my time; but in my sincerity and desire to help you get well, I must probe to ferret out the causes of your complaints and then outline in detail how to change your lifestyle so that your body automatically heals itself.

Looking forward to the pleasure of helping you achieve superior health, I am Yours for Vim, Vigor and Vitality!

V. Virginia Vetrano, D.C., hM.D.
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"... teach you how to supply the correct conditions so that your body heals spontaneously, almost like magic".


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